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Online booking terms and legal advice


In order to confirm a reservation you will be charged 25% of the total cost of your stay (this percentage may vary depending on the season) by credit card or by bank transfer. All costs related to the bank transfer shall be paid by the customer. The remaining 75% will be charged on the day of arrival. For reservations of more than two weeks it might be required the 50% of the total reservation cost. Please contact us in that case.

It is not allowed to rent an apartment if you are under the age of 18 unless you are accompanied by an adult.

In case you need an invoice, you must ask for it when you make the reservation, as well as send all your billing information (name, address, ID number, etc). We are not allowed to invoice companies that do not have a European tax number.

On your arrival, you will be required a deposit that can be from 300€ to 400€, depending on the rented apartment. This amount will be blocked on your credit card as a guarantee and will be unlocked once you are out of the apartment and the apartment has been checked and there has not been any problem or altercation.

A few weeks before your arrival in Barcelona, we will contact you. We will send you an email to remind you the procedures to follow, and to confirm your personal details (flight number, arrival time, passport, birth date and phone contact).

Children under the age of 2 years are not charged. The apartments have baby cots on request.


If you cancel a reservation, there is a cancellation charge depending on the date it takes place. The payment received is not returned in the following cases:

more than 7 days: 25% of prepayment
less than 7 days before arrival: 100% of the prepayment

During the dates of GPS reservations are not refundable.

We recommend you, for the reasons mentioned above, to hire a travel insurance that covers in case of cancellation.


In order to modify your reservation, please contact us via E-mail or phone.


The cleaning is carried out just after the customer's departure. The apartment must be left in good conditions, without food, bottles, garbage and arranged as it was upon arrival. Apartment Barcelona Rentals may withhold from 50€ to 100€ in case of leaving any garbage, bottles, food, boxes or bags on the floor or in any other place within the building after your departure. For more information read rules of conduct.


Once in Barcelona, we will hand the keys over to you in the apartment or in our office. This will be agreed prior to your arrival. If you have not been informed, please contact us.

The apartment will be available from 15:00. In case you need to get in earlier, please notify us and we will try to acommodate you as soon as possible.

If you arrive later than our business hours (from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm, Monday to Friday) please notify us in order to make a late check in under the cost of 40€. In case of feast day or after 00:00 h the amount to pay is 50€.


You will have a phone number from Monday to Sunday so that you can contact our staff after office hours, in case you have any incident related to the apartment. Additionally you will have an email address to answer all your questions during the week.

There are some rules of conduct and behaviour that you and everyone accompanying you should obey:

Smoking is not allowed in all our apartments.
It is not allowed to throw things on the streets or courtyards from the apartment.
It is not allowed to leave the garbage on the street during the day. The hours to do this in Barcelona is from 10:00 to 24:00 every day of the week.
Please respect your neighbours. Keep the noise level as low as possible both on stairs or landings and inside the apartment. Quiet hours:
Monday to Friday: 12:00am to 19:00 
Saturday and Sunday: 14:00 to 11:00pm
Pets are not allowed in all our apartments.
Please turn off the air conditioning and the lights every time you leave the apartment.
For your safety we ask you to close and lock all doors when you leave the apartment. Moreover, you should only take with you what is necessary since there are professional pickpockets in most tourist areas.
We will give you several sets of keys. In case you lose them, please let us know as soon as possible. Penalty of 50€ per lost key and 100€ more if you do not inform us.
It is not permitted to accommodate more people in the apartment than the ones stipulated in the contract. Only the number of people reflected in the booking confirmation have the right to occupy the apartment.
The towels are to be used in the apartment. Under no circumstances can the towels be used as beach towels or cleaning rag.

Should any member of Apartment Barcelona Rentals have to move to the apartment due to a problem not caused by Apartment Barcelona Rentals the customer must pay the travel expenses and assistance. These expenses might be from 40€ to 80€.

Please leave the keys inside the apartment on the dinner table and just close the door.


The check out should never be later than 11:00 am. In case you want to leave later (late check out), you have to inform the staff of Apartment Barcelona Rentals to confirm that it is possible to leave the apartment later than 11:00 am. You will be charged an extra amount, depending on the time of your check out.
That amount is:
from 11am to 14.00: 40€
from 11am to 19.00: half of the price for one night
from 19.00 on, it is considered as another day in the apartment.
Remember to leave the apartment in the same conditions as it was upon arrival. You must leave all the kitchen utensils clean and cleared away before your departure. It is not allowed to leave any trash or food inside the apartment when you leave the apartment. Remember that you can take out the garbage every day between 20:00h and 22:00h.


All the information on our website ( will be checked regularly. We do our best to keep the information up to date, but are not responsible for potential errors caused by updating the website.

Apartment Barcelona Rentals reserves the right to update or change any of its terms, descriptions, prices, conditions and rules anytime.

Customers are the ones responsible to make sure that the terms, conditions and rules mentioned above are still valid. The use and subsequent agreement of the terms above mentioned implies acceptance of these terms, conditions and rules. It also includes changes that could be made in the future, and always prior to its entry into the apartment.


Apartment Barcelona Rentals is not responsible for any damage or loss caused during your stay in the apartment (such as theft, damage or loss after a fire).

For your safety, most of our apartments come with a magnetically key system to enable us to access the apartment.

The customer or customers who sign the contract are always the ones responsible of the behaviour of all people in the apartment.

In case of breach of any of the above mentioned obligations (such as improper behaviour, complaints from neighbours about constant noise or, in the case that you had to go to the police for any reason) Apartment Barcelona Rentals is allowed to ask customers to leave immediately the apartment. These customers will not have any right to any compensation and may lose some or all of the deposit.

Apartment Barcelona Rentals appreciates your cooperation and understanding. We hope that you understand that each and every one of the above points are necessary in order to maintain the welfare of the whole community and, specially, of our current neighbours.

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